Our Formula of Success: «You will achieve more if you try to reach impossible, instead of simply realizing of realistic plans».

Our Corporation S.H.E.P., which has been founded in 2004, precisely follows this principle and every year develops, changes, improves and aims at the impossible as might appear at first sight.

We apply the experience, knowledge, verdure of view, speed of reaction when Impossible becomes Possible. It is our main competitive advantage! And the most important thing: only we know, what successful people of business wish.

The Russian Corporation S.H.E.P.:

  • gives DELUXE services and goods for 19 000 most successful Russian businessmen around the world;
  • Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine is one of the best in the world of Luxury Lifestyle;
  • the innovative method of Advertising and PR of luxury brands;
  • our unique Formula of Sales of the DELUXE goods;
  • the Internet boutique «Gold Pages of Luxury» where the DELUXE goods and services are presented only for Partners and Readers of our company;
  • long-term experience of Creation of Luxury design for company's owners.
  • Luxury design direction includes design and creation of luxury websites, the printing in the best Italian and German printing houses, working out and creation of visiting cards with the gold sputtering, unique forms and envelopes which will amaze your partners;
  • Luxury media direction includes work of writers, journalists, editors and proof-readers.
We invite our Readers to cooperation.
There is mutually beneficial cooperation for effective advertising.
There is mutually beneficial cooperation with press. The new opportunities and projects.
Mutually beneficial cooperation with television broadcasters. There is world news from source material.
We invite broadcasting stations to cooperation. There are the unique approach and exclusive information.
We invite websites to cooperation. There are new directions and exclusive information.
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