• is the world of exclusive information which can be received only byElite;
  • is the formula of success and formula of new approaches in business;
  • is the collection of innovation discoveries in the world of absolute luxury;
  • is the place of meeting with the most successful people from the past and present;
  • is the world created by the most successful people for themselves.

All special selected, interesting and what is impossible to learn anywhere are always possible to read on the pages of the magazine.

Who is our reader?

Who has created itself as a personality,
Who aspires to keep culture and traditions
of the country and who is able to choose the best
in the world of the absolute luxury.


Everyone has his own dream, purpose of life, aspiration
to perfection and the desire to be better than others.
From century to century such competitiveness put forward leaders,
defined winners, named heroes of the epoch.
All of them are there with us on pages of Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine.
The most successful people of the world, geniuses and creators,
people of strong spirit and keepers of centuries-old traditions
are our heroes.

We have created our magazine for them and for those who
aspires to be such, as they.

What do we write about?

From our publications readers of Luxury S.H.E.P. learns about people
who can purchase the most exquisite
and expensive things of nowadays, beginning with
one million dollars pen up to the jet plane “Falcon 7X”
or “Phoenix 1000” submarine; about their outstanding
and uncommon fortune; and, above all,
how they have become successful.

We shall suggest choosing the goods and services worthy
of the high status of the most outstanding representatives
of the Russian and world elite. We shall try to make the life
of these great people even more beautiful
and rich on pleasant and bright impressions.


Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine has original design, unique materials;
offers exhaustive information about the life which you should to aspire.

Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine is one of the best
in the category “Luxury Lifestyle” issued for the most successful
and wealthiest businessmen as of Russia as well the whole world!

Not only high status and elitism unite all these people,
but something else what you can learn in our magazine.

Yours faithfully,

Elena Berezovskaya
The general director of
Russian Corporation Luxury S.H.E.P.,
Chief editor of
Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine.

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