«Secrets of Haute Couture»
The press-demonstration of Valentin Yudashkin’s exhibition «Secrets of Haute Couture»
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Author:  Luxury S.H.E.P.

Luxury S.H.E.P. Magazine has took part at the press-demonstration and inauguration of the exhibition «Secrets of Haute Couture» on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Valentin Yudashkin’s creative activity. The Russian Couturier, who has worthily this high French title, shares the secrets with everybody who wants to look to the mysterious world of Haute Couture.

Extraordinary exposition in a showroom of the State Historical Museum has prepared many surprises to the visitors. 7 themes as 7 elements of creativity of the couturier have been presented here. The exhibits united under the name “Great architecture” open the process of the birth of a shape of a costume, models from “Clouds” collection show lightness in clothes. “Life-carnival” is exotic materials and a theatrical enchanting spectacle of colours. “Mr. Tuxedo” collection is a tribute to high elegance, “Glimmer of the night” consists of the womanly clothes, charming by blinking of fabrics. The plumage of exotic birds has become the material for collection “Paradise birds”. “Eden” is casted by images of a magic garden.

The exhibit “Secret of a dress» displays the stages of couturiere’s creativity by the example of a dress from the collection “Elizabeth” of a season the autumn-winter 2007-2008. It has been used 52 metres of natural silk of three kinds for its creation. Five persons have worked at the three-dimensional embroidery in the form of leaves and bunch of grapes during two weeks.

– I always remember the words of the editor American Vogue in 1960s Diana Vreeland: “Sometimes it is better to have bad taste, than not to have taste at all”, – Mr. Yudashkin has noticed, speaking about the importance of artist’s individuality. Valentine Yudashkin's models of clothes are kept in the Museum of arts and crafts and dress in Louvre, in New York Underground Museum, in museum of fashion in California, in the State Historical museum in Moscow, in the International Olympic Museum. Valentine Yudashkin is the Member of The National Chamber of Italian Fashion, and his collections were repeatedly shown in Paris, Milan, New York and other capitals of the world.

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