The meeting in Yalta
ICIE Council meeting in the Livadia Palace
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Elena Berezovskaya, the General Director of Russian Corporation S.H.E.P., has taken part in three measures of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, which were held in Yalta (Ukraine) on September, 16-18. There are Presidium of ICIE Council meeting, ICIE Council meeting and Confederation of International Business.

Presidium of ICIE Council meeting has taken place on September, 16th in the big conference hall of Palmira Palace Hotel which brought together the members of MKPP Presidium, heads and representatives of the national unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs, chairmen of ICIE committees and commissions, heads of some enterprises and the industrially-financial groups actively co-operating with ICIE.. The matters concerning with the holding of ICIE Council meeting, the Confederation of International Business, and also IX ICIE Assembly in 2009 were being discussed during the meeting. The President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs A.K. Kinakh has spoke on this theme.

The speeches of vice-presidents of ICIE Vladimir Kolmogorov and Valery Kazyulin and General Director of Ukraine Business Assembly Mr. A. Savow were heard. The chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk and the first vice-prime minister of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov have sent their salutations to the ICIE Council. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Viktor Plakida and First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Rada of Crimea Sergey Tsekov have taken part in the meeting.

Following the results of discussion the Decisions of ICIE Council according to A.K. Kinakh’s report, on working at new edition of the Concept of ICIE development, changes and additions to the active Charter of the Congress have been accepted.

The offer of RUIE and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg concerning the holding of the next IX report-back election ICIE Assembly MKPP in June, 2009 in St. Petersburg has been supported.

The decisions about the acceptance National Association of Commodity Producers of Moldova ICIE members and about election as vice-president of ICIE (pro bono) the Chairman of ICIE Committee for transport and transit, the General director of "Irmast-active" company, the General director of the Fund of transport projects L.N. Kozlov are accepted at ICIE Council meeting.

On September, 18th the Confederation of International Business was held in big conference hall of Palmira Palace Hotel under the auspices of the Ukrainian Union of industrialists and businessmen and Assembly of business circles. The presentations of economic potential and the review of projects АR Crimea, the review of investment and innovative possibilities of Ukrainian regions of «UUIE is the reliable partner» and also the presentation of the international projects within the limits of the program «West-East: integration and development» have been made.

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