Business-mission to Indonesia
Business-mission to Indonesia (Jakarta) will be held 17-26 October 2008
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The Russian Academy of Business has invited Elena Berezovskaya, the General Director of Russian Corporation S.H.E.P., to take part in Business-mission to Indonesia in the context of the program «Russia – Asia-Pacific region».

Business-mission to Indonesia (Jakarta) organized by The Russian Academy of Business in the context of the program «Russia – Asia-Pacific region»will be held 17-26 October 2008.

The main aim is the promoting Russian businessmen in entering the markets of the Indonesia using successful experience of the Academy’s activity at the Asian track and reliable links are facilitating the creation of enabling additional opportunities for expanding mutually beneficial cooperation. There will be held the meeting with Mr. Alexander A. Ivanov, Russian Ambassador to Indonesia. The theme of the meeting: The general condition of mutual relations and future trends of trade and economic and investment cooperation between the Russian Federation and Indonesia, features of conduct of business in Indonesia. There will be held also the meetings:

  • in National Agency for Export Development Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia;
  • individual meetings of participants of the mission with representatives of business circles of Indonesia;
  • with representatives of Indonesian companies, which nave potential interest in cooperation with the Russian participants of mission in frameworks of their practical business activity within the bounds of their practical business activity;
  • with the chief of Russian committee of ICC Mr. Didi Suevondo.

Elena Berezovskaya accepted the invitation to take part in the trip. It will give the opportunity for Luxury S.H.E.P. Magazine to get not only exclusive interviews and photos but also to tell about business and rest in Jakarta to our readers.

Only for Luxury S.H.E.P. Magazine's readers: if you want to take part in the trip, please send us the message through the form at our site before September, 15th 2008.

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