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At your desire you can order the service Your Manager - Luxury Service. This service includes:

You personal manager controls subscription and delivery of Luxury S.H.E.P. Magazine.
Your personal manager knows where and when Luxury S.H.E.P. Magazine should be delivered.
Your personal manager knows dates of birth of your family's members and your friends. He will always remind and will select a suitable gift or will make the list of shops and gifts which are actual now.
At your desire your personal manager will inform you on events, business – forums and presentations in Moscow and worldwide.
By your inquiry your personal manager will make the price analysis. For example, you wish to make flight with stops in the several countries.
Your personal manager will give for you the information suitable your desire, comfort and the price policy.
If you need the best visiting card worthy of your image, letter-head and in all matters of design and polygraphy your personal manager will involve the department of web-design Flash Luxury S.H.E.P. All will be done with the highest quality and service worthy of you at the right time for you.
At your desire your personal manager will involve the department of web-design Flash Luxury S.H.E.P. And if you promptly need the presentation or an information web-page of your project all you need will be prepared at the right time for you. Web presentation can have the name and the password, and it can be hidden from the general users.
If you promptly need the gift or small present as a courtesy to your partner, your personal manager will deliver Luxury S.H.E.P. magazine in Style packing in the shortest possible time.

If, you are our Reader and your interest is the service Your Manager, please fill the Luxury Service form. After we resived your filled form our managers will send to you the full information about the service Your Manager– S.H.E.P. Luxury Service.

The symbolnotes fields, obligatory for filling. After checking your registration data our manager will contact you to solve organizational question via e-mail.
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